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"No plan is not in the best interests of your clients"-Marie Schulte

When you are ready to retire, leave with confidence knowing that your customers will be treated with the same values, passion, and dedication that you have provided for them over the years. It is also important to protect against unplanned departures, which include death or disability. Protecting your business equity and safeguarding your clients’, in addition to your own family’s financial security, is of the utmost importance. Be prepared for all possibilities and when you are ready to retire, we will help ensure the transition is easy and transparent.

You have a number of options when it comes to exit/succession strategies and it falls into six categories:
  • Selling or transferring your business to a family member
  • Selling or transferring your business internally to associates
  • Selling your ownership internally to a partner
  • Selling to ownership or assets to an outside third party
  • Merging with another associate for an eventual succession
  • Selling to a Consolidator or Acquisition Firm

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