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We are committed to giving you superior results at no charge to you. We are paid by the buyer; however, we remain neutral in negotiations and act on behalf of both parties. We will share our resources and information. Also, in negotiating we are able to be unbiased and look to care for both the buyer and the seller.

We will diligently pursue finding a buyer who is matched to your style of doing business. Once we have identified your buyer(s); we will have an introductory phone call or face to face meeting so that you will be able to get to know the buyer.

Knowing what your business is worth is the second step in our process after doing your profile. Learning what the value of your business is will give you a starting point in structuring your transition. Our efforts are designed to help you reach your exit strategy goals. We will also be building a relationship with you and you with the buyer. Our responsibility is to find you a ready and willing match to your business so, your transition is smooth and stress free. We are committed to your needs and will provide you with the right strategy that will take care of them and your clients.

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